I wanna love myself so much one day. I wanna love myself enough not to need anyone to be with in life. I wanna love myself and my work so much one day that I won’t need anyone to love me.

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they/them pronouns



Corsican vendetta knife with floral detail

"may all your wounds be mortal"

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I’m so heartbroken. I feel like my heart broke in two, and I’m drowning in my own tears. Out of all the years we’ve been together you’re choosing to end it this way? It just doesn’t make any sense. I’m waiting by the phone constantly, and you haven’t thought about me once. I’ve stuck by your side through everything- never once betrayed you. Four days ago I woke up beside you. You told me how much you love me that morning and made me coffee. I so wish I never took that moment for granted. I fucking hate you but I miss you with all my soul. Please, don’t let this be for real.. just tell me you miss me too.


John forgot that he was married.